Hearing loss is life-changing to have your communication, once free and easy, become a daily round of frustrations. It can be a long road of horror when you suspect your hearing is going, to finally accepting the fact and moving on with your life.
You are ready for hearing aids, the time has finally come. What do you do next? Where do you start? You have questions so that you may make the right decision. First, search for a licensed audiologist. An audiologist is a specialist with advanced training for hearing and hearing technology. An audiologist cares about their patients and improving their communication, they are hearing experts. You may have friends who can suggest the right audiologist.
After a hearing test, the audiologist will be able to assess your hearing loss, diagnose communication challenges, and help you to find a solution that will work best for you. If hearing loss is found, you will have to set up a hearing aid deliberation or assessment. This appointment will help analyze situations you would like to improve and find solutions for you and your budget that works for you. Questions you should ask include: Included in the price, are follow-up services included? With the hearing loss that I have, how do you verify the correct hearing aids for me? What technology levels and styles do hearing aids come in? Will these hearing aids be rechargeable or compatible to a Smartphone? Which hearing aids will I be able to use with limited proficiency? Will my insurance pay for these hearing aids? At that time the audiologist will work to find a hearing aid solution that meets your needs.

Now is the time for a hearing aid fitting. Your audiologist will certify that your hearing aids are the correct ones for your hearing loss. A Real Ear verification will be accomplished by placing a microphone in your ear to measure sounds at different loudness levels. Then your audiologist will talk to you about using and taking care of your hearing aids. Now you may experience your hearing aids out in the real world! Soon after receiving your hearing aids you should have a follow-up appointment to check in on how you are doing. At that time the audiologist will want to make some adjustments to your programming based on your experiences. At this time you may have additional questions. If you have questions and would like to check on hearing aids please visit an audiologist.