Three Reasons To Wear Hearing Aids While Exercising

1. It Makes It Easier To Communicate
Despite the background noise, it will be easier to hear your fitness instructor. It’s important to be able to communicate with other team players if it is a team sport.

2. Increases Safety
Critical noises are very important and you won’t miss out on them especially if you’re exercising outside. Runners and bikers who train outdoors will be able to hear sirens from approaching emergency vehicles. Golfers will be able to hear if another yells “fore” from across the course.

3. Music Streaming
You will be able to stream music directly into your ears with Bluetooth-connected hearing aids. With your favorite music playing it will help get you through a grueling workout.

Gear You May Need For Your Gym Bag

Remote microphone – You can ask your fitness instructor to wear a remote microphone that will deliver sound directly to your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Sweatbands – If you perspire and are worried about soaking your behind-the-ear hearing aids, you will want to keep a few hearing aid sweatbands in your gym bag. The hearing aid sweatbands fit over your hearing aid to protect them from sweat and grime. These headbands are available in a variety of colors and sized to fit your particular hearing aid.

Skull Cap – These caps come in a variety of materials and colors. Some are made with a cooling performance fabric designed to absorb moisture. Look online or at sporting good stores for these accessories.

Hearing Aid Clip – A hearing aid clip helps prevent the loss of a hearing aid should it accidently become dislodged from your ear, depending on your hearing aid type. This clip features a lightweight lanyard which attaches to the hearing aid on one end and clips to your clothing on the other. These are especially useful if you’re trying to wear a face mask at the same time.

Puffer – A puffer will blow small amounts of air through the hearing aid, its tubing and moldings to keep them clean. A puffer is a useful tool for drying hearing aids out in the locker room or at home. You may purchase a puffer at your local drugstore for $3.00 to $5.00.

Antimicrobial Products – There are disinfectant wipes made especially for hearing aids. They are easy to carry in your gym bag and very convenient to use away from home.

With A Hearing Loss You Are Able to Stay Active

Most people who wear hearing aids say they wear their hearing aids without a problem. They say it makes sports more enjoyable. Wearing hearing aids during recreation can improve your safety and personal enjoyment.

Post – Workout Care For Your Hearing Aids

Give hearing aids the same kind of post-workout care you give your sporting gear.

Clean and inspect your hearing aids daily. Remove earwax and debris with a wax pick. Use a puffer to force moisture from the tubing and dry overnight. You may want to invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier. These devices remove moisture and sanitize hearing aids and cochlear implants and are safe to store them in while you sleep.