You ask others to repeat themselves

Do you have to look at someone when they speak, by also reading their lips? Do you frequently ask people “what?” all the time. Your hearing may be fading.

Noisy Places Give You Trouble Understanding Conversations

One of the first challenges people have with hearing loss is hearing someone else in a noise-filled place, such as a restaurant.

Your TV Is Too Loud For Others

If you can’t have a conversation because your TV is too loud to hear others, you should have your hearing tested.

Hearing Women and Children’s Voices Is Difficult

Women and children will be hard to hear because high-frequency hearing loss is very common.

To You It Sounds like Others are Mumbling

Another symptom of hearing loss is thinking people are mumbling and not speaking clearly.

You Can’t Hear People on the Phone

If you constantly cannot hear people on the phone no matter if you’re using a landline or a mobile phone, this could be a sign of hearing loss.

Social Situations Aren’t Enjoyable

You aren’t able to hear conversations and feel left out. You can’t engage easily with people in public spaces. You decline invitations and stay home.

You Have Ringing In Your Ears

Another symptom of hearing loss is to have ringing in your ears, hearing loss and tinnitus goes hand in hand.

Others Tell You That You Have a Hearing Loss

If one family member or friend questions your hearing acuity, they are trying to let you know that you may have a hearing loss.