These days you can purchase just about anything on the internet, even hearing aids.  Let’s face it, we are all looking for the best deal and often times go to our trusty computers to compare vendors for the price.  Some people may find that hearing aids purchased online are less expensive than those purchased through an audiologist.  At first, this seems like a great bargain.  However, consumers must be aware of the hidden costs associated with going through an online vendor.

Therefore, if you plan to use a hearing aid, first thing would be to get your hearing evaluated professionally.  The diagnostic results allow you to determine the degree of hearing loss, and, following the results, choose the most suitable model of the hearing aid.  It is worth noting that an experienced audiologist performs the audiometry using the appropriate equipment.  Such tests cannot be done at home.

When one purchases hearing aids online all they receive is the hearing aid itself.  There are no services included in the price.  So then, the buyer must go to an audiologist for services.  These services include taking an ear mold impression to form the hearing aid shell, cleaning and counseling for optimal hearing quality.  If you purchase the hearing aid from the audiologist most times all of these services are included in the cost.

Choosing an aid most appropriate for your individual needs is most important.  Appropriate follow up care is also essential for quality hearing.  Although online purchasing may be appealing to some, going to an audiologist can ensure a lifetime of quality care and no hidden costs.


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