Real Ear Measurements (REM)/Live Speech Mapping (LSM)

What Are Real Ear Measurements (REM)/Live Speech Mapping (LSM)

REM/LSM is a system audiologist utilize to determine the acoustics of the ear when a hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal.  This information is used to adjust the hearing aid’s circuit’s response to best match the patient’s residual hearing for frequency, volume and output for maximum benefits.  REM/LSM has been around for many years.

Who Will Benefit

During the adjustment process, the audiologist will insert a skinny silicone tube that’s attached to a tiny probe microphone into your ear canal without and with the hearing device-no worries, it will not hurt.  The patient will listen to composite tones or a paragraph read aloud and the audiologist will view the resulting graphs of sounds which the hearing aids are reproducing.  The audiologist will match the output of the hearing devices according to a “target” response for your given hearing impairment. These targets have been refined over the last 50 years.  The audiologist will than measure:

  • The interaction of the signal thru the hearing aids and ear
  • The current setting on your hearing aids and how they process the speech sounds.

A computer graph shows the audiologist exactly where the speech sounds occur within your audible range (as determined by target responses). This allows the audiologist to adjust your devices accordingly and smooth the response (reducing the peak and valleys) for better audition to maximize your residual hearing.

What Are The Benefits Of REM/LSM:

REM/LSM is known for its efficiency and matching the proper hearing aid response to a given hearing loss.  This results in fewer follow up appointments, more comfortable hearing, and over all a better hearing experience.  REM/LSM provides a more positive fitting experience by allowing the patient to see immediate results of your hearing aids and the positive impact on your daily life.  If you have a hearing loss, you may not be able to perceive what you are able to hear and not hear, therefore, you may not understand everything you are missing.  With real ear measurements, you will have the ability to hear the change in your hearing aids immediately.  You can see what you are able to hear and what you can’t hear.

Additional Benefits of Real Ear and Live Speech Mapping

  • Focuses on audition to effectively hear sounds and speech
  • Provides immediate and exact results
  • Results in more successful fitting of hearing aids
  • It will increase your confidence and comfort in wearing hearing aids
  • It will also provide a more exact programming of hearing aids

Audiologists consider REM/LSM verification a gold standard in best practices of audiology.  Dr. Hartman has been utilizing REM/LSM for over 35 years.  Contact our office if you wish to have your hearing aid verified to match your hearing loss and have a more enjoyable hearing experience.