If you look up the word “spring” you will see pictures of blooming flowers, butterflies and birds, like the picture above. You may also find quotes about gardens, being happy and new beginnings.

Hearing aid wearers say that spring represents a time of planning and renewal. Spring is a time when people visit their hearing professional to get earwax buildup removed, or bring hearing aids in for spring cleaning.

Spring is also when people decide to finally treat their hearing loss and do something about it. People are now opening windows , planning summer vacations, planting gardens , hiking, biking and going back outside.

Even though you should be proactive about your hearing health the year round, spring tends to be a good time for procrastinators to get a hearing evaluation. Why?

  • Take in the sound’s of spring – Cool breezes are blowing the wind chimes, the birds are back. The parks, paths and playgrounds are filled with people and children and laughter. If these sounds of spring aren’t as clear and meaningful as they once were, it is time to get your hearing checked. Make an appointment with a professional consultant. They will help you hear and enjoy your favorite sounds again.
  • There is new technology to take advantage of – If you have hearing aids but they are a few years old, you probably are not benefitting from today’s best features, styles or technology. Many manufacturers introduce updates and new features to their hearing aids in the spring. Spring is a smart time to upgrade to a new pair or try out a pair of hearing aids for the first time. See how the latest technology in hearing aids has improved, for instance the sound quality, rechargeable hearing aids, and 2-way audio are just a few of the many recent improvements that make the latest styles of hearing aids worth looking for, or “listening” into.
  • Prepare for summer – Summer will be here soon and you’ll be in the thick of vacations, family picnics, outdoor concerts, sporting activities and more. Prepare now and get ready to enjoy every minute of summer’s fun by getting all your hearing problems taken care of before it’s too late!

Whether it’s cleaning your ears , updating your current hearing aids, or buying a new set, or just starting the process of treating your hearing loss, an audiologist can help ensure this spring lives up to your memories and expectations.