With the holidays approaching, you’re probably thinking of gift ideas for family members and friends. If someone in your family or a friend has hearing loss you may want to get them something they can actually use.

It will show respect and caring to them. It will make living with hearing loss easier for them.

Here are some ideas for the people in your life with hearing loss.

Alarm Clocks

People with normal hearing may not realize that it’s the little things that can make living with a hearing loss more difficult, for instance not being able to hear the alarm clock. A vibrating alarm clock can be connected to an iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled cell phone. You set the alarm, put it under your pillow and when it is time to be woken up it vibrates, alarm sound or both. It is a thoughtful gift that can make a big difference.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Here is another incredible option. There is an alarm clock that uses colored simulation to wake you up gradually with natural light. It is so cool … colored sunrise simulation!

Captioned Telephones

This is a great gift for a person with hearing loss, a captioned telephone. This telephone will keep them connected to their loved ones, without struggling to hear on the phone.

Note: You may want to check the site you are ordering this from to see if you qualify for a free amplified captioned phone.

WiFi Digital Doorbell

They won’t have to worry about the doorbell, they will receive an alert right on their phone. It will even have a video feature so they can use it to lipread or sign with a person at their door without having to get up and answer it.

TV Features

TV Listening Device

Television can be frustrating for those with hearing loss, but there are devices available to help make the TV listening more enjoyable.

TV ears are wireless headphones that will allow the wearer to adjust the volume of the TV independently, so not to disturb others in the room. It does help to make the TV clearer and louder for them to hear more easily.

TV Soundbar

Another way to improve TV listening is to improve the sound clarity. One of the most common problems is people cranking the TV up too high because voices are unclear. A soundbar speaker helps solve that problem. The soundbar speaker also comes with built-in hearing aid tech for more seamless assimilation.